Plastic Neutrality

Sustainability For The Win. Zenzi For The Earth.

Plastic Neutrality

Hi, Zenzi's getting funky with it and went full-on Plastic Neutral with our friends at The Disposal Company! That means for every gram of plastic waste we generate due to our plastic bottles, The Disposal Company is gonna swoop in and recycle an equal amount of plastic waste before it ends up ruining our oceans and landfills. 



The Zenzi Impact 

More Recycling!

India pumps out 3.5 million tonnes of plastic each year, but don't worry - Plastic Neutrality is here to save the day! In the last five years, India's plastic waste has skyrocketed, but Plastic Neutrality is all about recycling more and slowing down the production of new, never-been-used plastic.

Something For Our Waste Warriors 

We're shaking things up with the true legends in the game - the trash-tackling superheroes! By striving for plastic neutrality, we're giving these waste warriors a shot at formal jobs, a good work environment, and most importantly, a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Systemic Economic Change

We're all about building boss waste management systems and boosting sustainability in the biz, all while giving a nod to conscious consumers. Our products are 100% recyclable and totally neutral on the plastic front, and we’re setting the bar for other brands to step up their game.

Steps To Plastic Neutrality→ 

  • Calculation
  • The Disposal Company calculated the amount of plastic we create each year. Our brand takes a stand against plastic waste by opting for eco-friendly materials that are easily recyclable, making our plastic footprint calculation a piece of cake.

  • Recovery & Recycling
  • Zenzi funds the effort by The Disposal Company to eliminate an equivalent amount of plastic waste in the natural environment as what our yearly usage generates.

  • Seal of SustainabilityTM
  • The Disposal Company certifies our plastic neutrality, demonstrating and verifying the real and significant impact we have made.

    Future Plans

    In the near future, we're ditching plastic like a bad habit and hopping on the sustainable bandwagon with aluminum cans! We're making it our mission to give Mother Nature a much-needed hug by saying goodbye to plastic and hello to eco-friendly packaging.

    Choose Zenzi For Our Planet

    Eco-conscious peeps! We've got ya covered with Zenzi. We're eliminating plastic and opting for 100% recyclable materials, even the welcome note in each box is made from upcycled paper. No more waste guilt! And, we're teaming up with The Disposal Company to spread the sustainability love. So, say goodbye to the boring old bottled water and say hello to premium sparkles with Zenzi - 'cause you deserve the best AND the greenest.


    Let’s Reduce Our Plastic Footprint Together.