What is Zenzi made from?
Zenzi is a sparkling water (water + carbonation) with botanically infused flavours. All our flavours are natural and derived from the real fruit and botanicals used.

Is Zenzi a type of water?
Yes, Zenzi is a type of water. It’s a sparkling water – simply put, Zenzi is pure water with carbonation.

What makes Zenzi different?
Zenzi is a sparkling water with Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, Zero Sodium and a whole lot of exotic flavours to choose from.

Is Zenzi safe for children?
Yes, Zenzi is safe for children of all ages.

Is Zenzi vegetarian?
Yes, Zenzi is vegetarian & vegan.

Does Zenzi contain any alcohol?
No, Zenzi does not contain any alcohol. It is 0.0% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Can Zenzi be consumed by diabetic patients?
Yes, it is absolutely safe to be consumed by diabetic patients.

What is the shelf life for Zenzi?
The shelf life of Zenzi Sparkling Water is 6 months.