Our Story

About Zenzi

We all know the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, but truth be told they don’t seem as delicious as the unhealthy ones. Enter Zenzi, the best way to enjoy the simplest of healthy habits - drinking water. With the refreshing calorie-free bubbles combined with the hydrating qualities of water, Zenzi makes drinking water flavorful and fun. It is also the perfect health-friendly alternative for soft drinks and sugary drinks as it’s India’s first botanical-infused sparkling water made with natural flavors and no added sugar. Created in India, the brand also strives towards achieving clean water and better sanitation facilities for the underprivileged in the country.

Zenzi allows you to have a relaxing moment in your busy day as you know you have made a healthy, natural, and socially responsible choice.

That’s why we say “Together, let’s Zenzify the world!”

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”

Today, drinking plenty of water has become an atomic habit, the best beauty hack, and something endorsed by the greatest footballers. But unfortunately, even today, clean drinking water isn’t available to all.

1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water (UNICEF, WHO)

Our founder, Aman, witnessed this harsh truth during one of his childhood vacations in India where he was shocked to see poverty to a degree unheard of in the US. The experience left a lasting impression on him and he aspired to do something to help the cause.

“Drink your way to better health”

On a business trip to India in 2019, Aman noticed a dearth of affordable and flavorful sparkling water in the country. In fact, there was very low awareness about the product amongst the people. With the high level of diabetes prevalent amongst the population, Aman knew that the Indian consumer was in the utmost need of a healthy alternative to soft drinks. He saw the opportunity to create a locally flavored sparkling water company.

This birthed Zenzi.

With 4 unique botanical-infused flavors of sparkling water, Zenzi aims to make drinking water an experience that takes you closer to nature and helps you relax. And to fulfill the vision of providing clean drinking water and better sanitation facilities to all, 1% of all the sales are contributed towards achieving this goal.

That’s why we proudly say that Zenzi is not just a brand, it is a community of people who want to grow together with nature.