Zenzi Game Nights

Zenzi Game Nights

It’s Friday night or the birthday eve of your BFF or maybe a casual family get-together. The amazing host that you are, you have planned everything from food to drinks to the games and the music and lighting, and whisper to your pooch to behave in front of your guests.

Great! So, it is all set up. What next?

The party begins, and the anticipation of the evening is your new invention – the Zen Pong. Whisked away in a suspense are the rules, that you nearly gave out, as someone asked you what it is about. Sure enough, in good time – you say, as you grunt out a snigger while opening a pack of Zenzi Sparkling Water.

Here are the rules:

  • There are two teams on either side of the table
  • At the center of the table, you set up anywhere between 21-51 cups, depending on how many people are playing
  • These cups of around 200ml each, are filled with Zenzi mixed with various liquor, in this fashion:
    • The one cup at the center: an unmixed neat 120ml white rum
    • The cups in the next two circles surrounding the center cup have a mix of Zenzi Lychee Rosé Spritzer in variable strengths, with all the cups jumbled up, so that nobody knows except for that one non-drinker friend who will be taking a funny dig at everyone in the room
    • The cups in the next two circles have a mix of Mango Hibiscus Sour in variable strengths, with all the cups jumbled up again
  • Both teams will now take 5 steps back, away from the table and take turns to throw a Zenzi bottle cap at the cups. Depending upon which cup the cap lands in, the opposite team shall bottoms-up the cup (ensure to clean the cap after every throw), or if you don’t want to use the same cap, you can always use another Zenzi bottle cap!)
  • Restack the remaining cups and continue the game and keep playing till the last cup remains
  • Sure enough, by now the players wouldn’t be able to aim from a distance, and so, they are allowed to come closer to the table and aim for that one last cup
  • Keep a track of the team scores – one point for one dunk
  • The team that dunked the most would be declared as the winner!

As the winners celebrate in glee, you can now reveal the name of your invention: Zenzi Nights: Spritzers Vs. Sours.


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