Nothing Fancy, Just Soda.

Nothing Fancy, Just Soda.

Adding flavor to your beverages minus the guilt of calories, Zenzi started with a range of flavored sparkling waters to cater to your taste buds. And now, for the old souls who like it classic & just need the fizz, not the flavor, here’s us introducing Just Soda.

That’s right, Just Soda. You ask what’s so special about it? Aside from being the perfect companion for you & your cocktail on the beach shack, lifting your spirits, and adding zest to your life, nothing, it’s Just Soda! It also can be a great point of conversation as to which sparkling water is better, Zenzi, or well, Zenzi.

Imagine that you enter a party and everyone’s spirit is just watered down with boring conversations and lame music. But then you take out your party mojo - Zenzi’s Just Soda, and then suddenly, the heads turn, and you have this newfound admiration in the room. The person you had a crush on now finds you interesting, the coolest group of people at the party now wants to hang out with you and you, my friend, have become the life of the party. Yeah, that’s what Just Soda could do for you!

Now that you've read about all the essential attributes, let's explore a few other reasons why you should have Just Soda. Firstly, you get to enjoy the fizz without the guilt of calories, and the fear of putting on weight. It improves your digestion and your bowel movement so feel free to go out on an eating spree! And last and definitely the most obvious reason - it helps you stay more hydrated throughout the day.

In nutshell, all we wanted to say with this surprisingly long blog about Just Soda is that we’re a companion you pop open to mix into your favorite drink. We bring the fizz when things get flat. We’re the life of the party and a quiet night in with your bestie. We’re your 2 am friend when you need us for a drink, we’re your 2 pm friend when you need to beat the heat. We’re the one when you need Just Soda!


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